Pearl Jewelry Sets for Women
Pearl Jewelry sets for Women contains necklace with matched earrings, rings, bracelets as well as pendants
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Pearl Classic Image
Pearl Classic
$39.90 - $69.90
WENCHI JEWELRY CO.,LIMITED is a company of Jewelry Business Services ,registered in Hong Kong and founded by Mr. Michael in 2017, it is used to extensively carry out international business development needs. Its predecessor is a small hand-made jewelry processing workshop established in 2010. After hard work and development, Yiwu Yizhen Jewelry Co., Ltd. was established in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Chinese Mainland in 2015, and WENCHI Jewelry Co., Ltd. was registered in the new territories of Hong Kong in March 2017. Since then, the company's business has vigorously promoted the company's twisted pearl range jewelries with the help of Asiaworld Expo / JCK Jewelry Fair in USA / informa in Singapore We have established extensive business relations with high-quality customers in India, Germany, Britain, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Japan and other countries. Thanks to the patronage of Australia's Gregory Ladner and Germany's Horst kleckow GmbH, our company has been able to stand firm and develop steadily in the fierce market competition. Since we established business relations with these two companies in 2009 and 2012, our cooperation has gone through 12 years. This is something to be proud of. It is not only the best proof of our pleasant business cooperation, but also an affirmation of our work. The cooperation with Tom Callahan associate began in 2012. When Mr. Dave came to our booth at Asiaworld Expo, he stopped to visit our products and purchased many samples and gave us business cards. Since then, the continuous procurement has been very stable every year for 10 years. Our successful cooperation with this company has given us sufficient confidence to face the future. Many customers from all over the world have brought us many good wishes. We also strive to go overseas to visit our customers around the world, always adhere to the belief of creating value for customers, and embrace this prosperous era.
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Main Products
pearls and silver Jewelry
Volume of Turnovers
Export License
800 pcs each week
Cutomize service
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